Saturday, January 5, 2013


My daughter has a unique name. (Of which I have never shared with you to guard her safety. You can never be too careful online.) Don't get me wrong I LOVE it and most people that hear it are delighted with it. But, honestly, it's not common at all. We have heard rumors, from others, that there might be other elusive "L's" out there but we have never managed to meet another. Until the other night.

While at the store we called to L across the isle. A woman, in her fifties, standing beside us got very excited and exclaimed that her name was also "L". She said that she had never met another "L" before. My girly got so excited and pretty much yelled at the lady that she had never met anyone who shared her name either. 

We mentioned that it was not a common name so we haven't been able to find anything with her name on it. The lady very politely asked about how we spelled it. She instantly handed L her business card and told her that now she had something with her name on it. L just beamed, as we walked out of the store, and kept asking people if they had seen her business card. 

Made our night!

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Christine said...

That's a great story!!!