Tuesday, January 8, 2013


This. Is all that is left of my smoothie from this morning.

I gave myself "off" from complete "healthy eating" during the month of December. And when I say that I mean that I didn't give myself constant guilt trips about all the cookies and goodies, that abound at Christmastime, that might have somehow maybe kind of sorta found their lonely way into my mouth to be eaten by me. I love all those goodies so much that I knew that I was going to be setting myself up for failure if I didn't give myself a "vacation" from the guilt.

So I gave myself the month off and only gained a few pounds back. At one point I got on the scale and just about went crazy because I thought that I had gained five pounds back! I thought, "Five POUNDS?!?".  But then I realized that I had just eaten breakfast and was wearing some heavy clothes. I jumped back on the scale the next morning and realized my mistake. Whew!!

Now, it's January and I just got back from the grocery store, this morning, with a car loaded full of healthy snacks for my family and I. I took a look around Pinterest last night to get some good snack ideas before I went shopping. I was inspired by a smoothie recipe that I found on there.

On a normal weekday I split my meals into four smaller meals rather than three "big" ones. I just cannot eat lunch while I am working in the cafeteria. So it's easier to eat a smaller breakfast, a small snack-y lunch before work, a small snack-y lunch after work, and then a small dinner. So, the smoothie recipe I found would fall very nicely into one of my "small snack-y lunches plan.

I decided to try making one of my own smoothies this morning. The picture above is the end result. I think that pretty much speaks for itself. And I felt completely full for my entire work shift which is great because I had my doubts. And one of the greatest things is that I managed to sneak some greens in it, for an extra serving of veggies, without even tasting them! Which I was also skeptical about because I heard "spinach in a smoothie" and instantly cringed. I swear! You can't taste the spinach!

Out of curiosity I plugged this into a calorie counter I use and it told me that there were about 350 calories in this. Which makes for a perfect amount of calories for one of my "meals" according to how many calories I should be consuming every day.

If you want to try the smoothie, here is what I did.

I put half a tray of ice cubes into my blender (Give or take a few cubes but really it's ice so there's no extra calories there!)

I covered the ice cubes with orange juice and blended on the "ice" setting until it stopped crunching.

Next I put in about 1/2 to 1 cup of frozen spinach (I would love to try it with raw spinach to see if it changes the taste at all.), about a 1/2 to 1 cup of frozen berry mix, a tablespoon of Greek plain yogurt, and a teaspoon of honey (you could use more if you wanted it to be sweeter) into the mixer. I blended all this on the "smoothie" setting until I reached the consistency I wanted.

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