Thursday, January 24, 2013

Taking It Easy

The other day I had an acquaintance ask me what I have been doing differently or stopped doing since my flare started. The answer I gave her?

I'm not and I really haven't.

Let's be real here. I live in varying degrees of pain every day and will continue to do so for the rest of my life. It'd be easy to let that thought weigh down on me and let it take over and stop doing everything. I refuse to let it. I refuse to let life go on around me while I sit on the couch feeling sorry for myself. Dinners still need to be cooked, errands still need run, my crazy little sweetie girl still needs a bath despite her wish to run around like a dirty little heathen. Ha! Anyway, my "mom duties" don't stop just because I am in a flare and hurting. My daughter is not going to suddenly decide to not eat lunch at school anymore so it's not like I can choose to stop packing her lunch. (Even though I could completely see her doing that to prove one of her stubborn points!)

I have been simply changing the way I do things. Instead of standing at the counter to cut up veggies, for our dinner, I will pull a stool over and sit while chopping away like the Muppets Chef  Emeril Lagasse. I sit on the couch while folding laundry, limit errands to one a day, and make several sandwiches all at the same time (while sitting on the stool) to minimize my standing time. You may even find me curled up in the corner of the couch while I pretend to be offended that Cinderella's evil step mother wants her to wash the floor, again, because I've even found ways to work around my flare and still play with girly.

What it comes down to is that life doesn't stop just because our bodies refuse to fall in line and do what we want them to. I think everyone can understand that the older a person gets, whether you are chronically ill or as healthy as a horse. So instead of focusing on what I shouldn't be doing or what I should be cutting out of my life....

I am focusing on what I can be doing! It's just a little matter of perspective.

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