Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Sneaky Smoothie

I made another smoothie for myself this past week. I took it into school to slurp on while I worked. When L had lunch I moseyed down to her with my smoothie in hand and had her try a sip. She thought it was pretty good the first time and the second time she tried it she proclaimed that it was "Great!".

Then I told her that I was calling it my "Sneaky Smoothie" and, of course, she asked why. I got immense pleasure out of letting her know that she had spinach in the smoothie.

That brought on dramatics, from her and her giggly friends, like you would not believe!

"Ooooo you drank spinach!"

"YUCK! There was spinach in that?!?! Bleh!"

"Spinach is GROSS!!!"

Oh, they were SO silly!

After I reminded L that she had just sucked down my smoothie, and liked it, she settled down and once again agreed it was good.

And the silly girl never even remembered that she eats spinach every. Single. Summer!

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