Thursday, February 28, 2013


I recently got an e-mail from,  eShakti, an online clothing company. They offered me some free merchandise if I would write a post about them. And I thought, Um.... Yeah... Free!!  I was a little skeptical until I went on the website. With the way my luck runs I was expecting a clothing company, offering me a trade of sorts, to be selling flowery hawaiin style tent-dresses. And then I took a look at their website and fell in love!

Seriously! I know you just read that and are assuming that I am saying that because I got something out of it. I, honestly, wouldn't do that though! I loved the styles, very vintage, and quirky. I was smitten with how whimsical some of the materials were. I had the WORST time picking my favorite!

That's not even the best part though! (Oh gosh, I just sounded like an infommercial... "But wait! There's more!") *snicker*

God's honest truth...I hate clothes shopping. I have one of those body types that requires me to try everything on. Especially dresses. If a dress fits in one place it doesn't fit in another. Bleh! eShatki took that concern away completely because I can enter my measurements into the equation. So they will make my dress fit perfectly! They even give you easy to follow diagrams about how to get your correct measurements.
 So it's pretty much guaranteed that this dress will fit amazingly! And if you have a body that works in a typical size you can go that route as well. They have sizes 0 to 36W to choose from.

I decided to not give my measurements but I did get to customize it in other ways, which was SUPER fun and appealing to my artistic creativity. Most of the dresses offer multiple choices to change the neckline, sleeves, and length of each dress or shirt. I chose to change the sleeves and skirt length of the dress I picked.  They also had me enter my height so that my dress will stop at my knees. Which would be a completely different length for someone who is 5'2" verses my 5'7" height.

I am anxiously awaiting my dress in the mail. It should come any day and I will be taking pics to share with you!

In the meantime you can check out eShatki here. And if you would see something you just have to have (with the exception of the "overstock items" enter BSYBBYREST in the prpmotional code to get 20% from now until March 10th.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


L has had a fever since last Friday night. We're going on six days here of fever. Bleh! We would finally think we had gotten rid of it only to have it show back up that evening just before bed.
So we went to the doctor and did half a strep test and an x-ray only to come back and say that L has something viral and exacerbated asthma because of her body's little viral party it's throwing.

Yes, I said "half a strep test" because L had some SERIOUS anxiety about the test and after thirty minutes of melt downs and bribes, me screaming "Oh my goodness L just let the pregnant lady do the freakin' test because I did NOT bring enough chocolate for this poor doctor!" she finally let the doctor stick the swab in her mouth only to gag horribly and make the doctor nearly fall on her butt because she thought L was going to throw up all over her eight month pregnant belly.

True. Story!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sjogren's Syndrome Takes a Back Seat

There is a very specific time/s in my life that Sjogren's takes an enormous back seat. The times when my sassy spirited six year old, who generally acts like a little butterfly fluttering from one thing to the next giving her own brand of intensity to each new thing she's involved in, turns into my sad snugly little sick girl.

I instantly stop noticing my twinges and pains and go into hyper-aware-of-every-cough-my-girly-lets-out-mom-mode. Minutes are used up feeling her forehead for the tenth time to see if her temp has dropped. Her favorite toys and blankets are brought for her to be "snug as a bug in a rug".  Slurpee runs are made and chocolate chip cookies are popped into the oven.

This is in no way different than any other moms adventures when their little loves are sick. However, in those quiet moments, just after L has been laid in bed for the night and I sit down to finally just breath I realize how I feel. Somewhere between picking up her lovey for the third time, and carrying her up the stairs with her head snuggled up in the crook of my neck I feel as if I've ran a marathon. A big ol' mom marathon. And my body HURTS!

This Mama's bed is calling her name!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013


It was a little chilly walking to the bus stop this morning! The only think exposed was my nose and glasses. (And that was only because I kept fogging up my glasses when I had my nose covered! Brrr!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


It's gotta be rough to be a dog!

Not even twenty minutes after doggy girl, number two, got a new toy than she had already torn off ears.

And then decided to collapse and snuggle with it.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Party Like a Rock Star

I got called in to substitute for the school's secretary yesterday. I covered her job, went and did my cafeteria monitoring, and went back to cover the afternoon for the secretary as well. I went without a break.

On a normal night I would have gone home and CRA-ASHED! Unfortunately....wait for it....this wasn't a normal night. L and I had to make cookies for her classes valentines day party today. (I was planning on making them in the afternoon before I found out I would be working.)

So L and I listening to Kids Bop and danced, sang, and bopped around out kitchen having fun. By the end we had a messy kitchen, crumbs around our mouths, sticky red fingers from food coloring and decorating the cookies with m&m's and heart sprinkles, and a few dozen cookies.

While we listened to the kid-friendly version of Party Like a Rock Star I felt like a rock star mom.

And then I partied like a rock star..... on the couch.... for the rest of the night. Yeah! That's how I roll baby!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I sent my husband to the pharmacy for some of my prescriptions today and found out that one of my maintenance meds are now in generic form. Which means that my Singulair went from $24.00 every three months down to $8.00 every three months. Woo hoo!!

Also, I felt like noting.... You know that you are on too many medications when the pharmasist knows your husband by name!! Just sayin'!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Blog Post

I stumbled across a blog post, the other day, at Backwoods Mama that really helped me. I have been struggling with the fact that I cannot do what I want right now being in my flare. I cannot volunteer for everything, sit on the floor, etc. I have been putting myself through some serious mommy guilt about this. SERIOUS. Mommy. Guilt! Like I need that right now on top of everything my flare is putting me through, right?!

This post hit right to the heart of my guilt. L won't remember that I couldn't volunteer to help with her school musical. Hopefully, she'll remember my beaming face. At both performances. As I try not to cry. Which will be ridiculous because she doesn't even having a speaking part or solo. She'll just be singing her little heart out on stage with the rest of the chorus. But to me she'll be the star of the show. Anywaaaaaay, I digress, she won't remember that I couldn't volunteer like she wanted me to. L will remember that I was there when it counted.

You can read the blog post here. I highly encourage all mommies to do so!!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Playing in the Snow; Busy Baby Resting Mommy

It's been snowing off and on all week, here in Pennsylvania. Of course, I haven't had the energy to go out in the snow with my girly. So, instead, I've brought it inside to her.

I got out my trusty shower curtain, filled a bowl with snow, and let her play away. L played for hours! Every half an hour she switched up the toys in different ways and ended up playing for a couple of hours. And in my house that is HUGE!

Happy snow-play!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I received an e-mail from Allison Morris who wanted to share this great graphic with me about the flu. I found it on Education Database Online. You can find it at

Their blog post "The Flu and You" included the graphic as well as this little paragraph...

     "Nothing puts you behind the schedule of your daily life quite like getting sick—missing out on even a day or two of school or work can set you behind much more than you'd think. And when it comes to getting sick, few things can get you down as hard as the flu. The flu comes in a few different shapes and sizes, and none of them are your friend. It's no surprise then that the words "flu season" strike fear into the hearts of many, especially those who are more susceptible to it. Some years aren't as bad, but the winter of 2013 has been hit particularly hard by a strain of the nasty bug, and who could forget the swine flu epidemic from a few years back? For college students living in close quarters, colleagues sharing cubicle space, or even larger families all in the same house, transferring germs back and forth can be unavoidable, and quickly lead to the spread of the flu virus. The following infographic takes a look at just how many people get the flu, as well as how it affects us from year to year. Between medical expenses and the expense of lost time, the flu can have a serious impact on every aspect of your life"

 Please Include Attribution to With This Graphic Flu Infographic

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Happy Groundhog's Day!

Photo courtesy of USA Today online.

I looked up Punxsutawney Phil, the groundhog, prediction this morning on my phone. I was so excited to see that he's forecasting an early spring that I accidentally took a picture of it! What a goof I am!

Come on spring!! This Mama needs to go camping badly!! I'll even settle for a sunny walk in reasonable temps at this point!!!