Monday, February 11, 2013

Blog Post

I stumbled across a blog post, the other day, at Backwoods Mama that really helped me. I have been struggling with the fact that I cannot do what I want right now being in my flare. I cannot volunteer for everything, sit on the floor, etc. I have been putting myself through some serious mommy guilt about this. SERIOUS. Mommy. Guilt! Like I need that right now on top of everything my flare is putting me through, right?!

This post hit right to the heart of my guilt. L won't remember that I couldn't volunteer to help with her school musical. Hopefully, she'll remember my beaming face. At both performances. As I try not to cry. Which will be ridiculous because she doesn't even having a speaking part or solo. She'll just be singing her little heart out on stage with the rest of the chorus. But to me she'll be the star of the show. Anywaaaaaay, I digress, she won't remember that I couldn't volunteer like she wanted me to. L will remember that I was there when it counted.

You can read the blog post here. I highly encourage all mommies to do so!!


Meg said...

I also have Sjogren's plus RA and spondyloarthropathy and I sure understand the overwhelming fatigue. My kids are raised and I have grandkids now but I wanted to tell you that they do remember you being there. I didn't end up disabled and home until they were in 6th and 9th grade but one of the big blessings for all of us was that I was there to hear all the little things and I wasn't rushing off to work or wasn't just gone from 8 am-8 pm. Even if all I could do was lie on the sofa, the fact that I listened to them and was present was what counted. Good luck and I hope that you end up as close to your daughter as I am to my wonderful sons!

Btw. I came over here from Julie's reference on Reasonable Well.

Blogger Mama said...

Thanks so much Meg! That does help me feel better! I think we have to deal with so much mommy guilt as it is without having to deal with an extra helping because of our health.

Thank you. :o) And welcome to Sjoggie StAHMer!