Wednesday, February 27, 2013


L has had a fever since last Friday night. We're going on six days here of fever. Bleh! We would finally think we had gotten rid of it only to have it show back up that evening just before bed.
So we went to the doctor and did half a strep test and an x-ray only to come back and say that L has something viral and exacerbated asthma because of her body's little viral party it's throwing.

Yes, I said "half a strep test" because L had some SERIOUS anxiety about the test and after thirty minutes of melt downs and bribes, me screaming "Oh my goodness L just let the pregnant lady do the freakin' test because I did NOT bring enough chocolate for this poor doctor!" she finally let the doctor stick the swab in her mouth only to gag horribly and make the doctor nearly fall on her butt because she thought L was going to throw up all over her eight month pregnant belly.

True. Story!

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