Thursday, February 28, 2013


I recently got an e-mail from,  eShakti, an online clothing company. They offered me some free merchandise if I would write a post about them. And I thought, Um.... Yeah... Free!!  I was a little skeptical until I went on the website. With the way my luck runs I was expecting a clothing company, offering me a trade of sorts, to be selling flowery hawaiin style tent-dresses. And then I took a look at their website and fell in love!

Seriously! I know you just read that and are assuming that I am saying that because I got something out of it. I, honestly, wouldn't do that though! I loved the styles, very vintage, and quirky. I was smitten with how whimsical some of the materials were. I had the WORST time picking my favorite!

That's not even the best part though! (Oh gosh, I just sounded like an infommercial... "But wait! There's more!") *snicker*

God's honest truth...I hate clothes shopping. I have one of those body types that requires me to try everything on. Especially dresses. If a dress fits in one place it doesn't fit in another. Bleh! eShatki took that concern away completely because I can enter my measurements into the equation. So they will make my dress fit perfectly! They even give you easy to follow diagrams about how to get your correct measurements.
 So it's pretty much guaranteed that this dress will fit amazingly! And if you have a body that works in a typical size you can go that route as well. They have sizes 0 to 36W to choose from.

I decided to not give my measurements but I did get to customize it in other ways, which was SUPER fun and appealing to my artistic creativity. Most of the dresses offer multiple choices to change the neckline, sleeves, and length of each dress or shirt. I chose to change the sleeves and skirt length of the dress I picked.  They also had me enter my height so that my dress will stop at my knees. Which would be a completely different length for someone who is 5'2" verses my 5'7" height.

I am anxiously awaiting my dress in the mail. It should come any day and I will be taking pics to share with you!

In the meantime you can check out eShatki here. And if you would see something you just have to have (with the exception of the "overstock items" enter BSYBBYREST in the prpmotional code to get 20% from now until March 10th.

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