Thursday, February 14, 2013

Party Like a Rock Star

I got called in to substitute for the school's secretary yesterday. I covered her job, went and did my cafeteria monitoring, and went back to cover the afternoon for the secretary as well. I went without a break.

On a normal night I would have gone home and CRA-ASHED! Unfortunately....wait for it....this wasn't a normal night. L and I had to make cookies for her classes valentines day party today. (I was planning on making them in the afternoon before I found out I would be working.)

So L and I listening to Kids Bop and danced, sang, and bopped around out kitchen having fun. By the end we had a messy kitchen, crumbs around our mouths, sticky red fingers from food coloring and decorating the cookies with m&m's and heart sprinkles, and a few dozen cookies.

While we listened to the kid-friendly version of Party Like a Rock Star I felt like a rock star mom.

And then I partied like a rock star..... on the couch.... for the rest of the night. Yeah! That's how I roll baby!

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