Wednesday, March 13, 2013


 Remember this? The door that my husband and I found that I fell in love with?

With the adorbs cut out stars and the distressed-to-all-heck look? 'Member?

I have been looking for ages for something to put in front of this door as a decoration to fill up the small little awkward corner that I have it in. Added to that task was the fact that I needed to make the decoration "kid friendly" as well. It couldn't be glass or a splinter hazard when my daughter gambles around my house with no decent awareness of what she is actually doing until AFTER she's run into whatever it is that she hasn't noticed. Not. Kidding.

Which is why I didn't  put this fabulous find on the floor.

Anyway.... That was my incredibly long winded way of saying that I FINALLY found something!!! There is a place, in a quaint little town close to us, that houses an old dress factory. It hasn't been an actual factory for years. Now it holds three stories of craft/antique/junk vendors. I could get lost in that place! My parents knows this and got me a gift certificate at Christmas. I am truly amazed that I haven't spent it before now!!

As I was walking along I came across this children's chair in a blue that I just could not go past without buying! (And it ended up being the perfect height in front of the old door.) It only

turned out to be $10 which left me plenty for more decorations. 

Next I started my search for something to go with the chair. I found this old
minnow tin that I LOVED! It's perfect because it looks so neat but also because of my family's love for fishing.  The star punched into the top is my favorite part.

This is the final look. I am really pleased with how it looks now!

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