Sunday, March 24, 2013

Easter Eggs; Busy Baby Resting Mommy

My girly went to her first of three Easter egg hunts yesterday. She will end up with a zillion eggs! We have a really BIG ziplock bag filled with Easter eggs from our years of egg hunts. Inevitably, some get broken while L is playing various things with them. Once Easter is over I am always left wondering what to do with some of the eggs. So here are some of the cute ideas I've found, to allow your kiddo to play, you to rest, and to use those eggs up, up, up!

Photo Source
I found this adorbs idea on Dana Made It. Easter egg maracas, cute!!!

Here's a great link I found, at Creative Connectiolns for Kids that lists six different activities to do with Easter eggs. 

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This is L's favorite things to do with her eggs. We usually get out our corn bucket (popping corn in a large tupperware box) to use with the eggs. I found Wonder Baby had the same suggestion here.

 A Mom With A Lesson Plan came up with a great idea... Egg toss with recycled water bottles. I think I'll have to try this one out myself!

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