Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I'm a Nerd

Spring is coming! I need to constantly keep myself reminded of this right now with all the cold weather in PA. This Mama needs some sunshine and walks outside!! Like, stat!

One of the things I am SUPER excited about it the fact that we got another share of produce through our CSA again. I cannot wait to get the fresh fruits and veggies.

And to further prove the point that I am a food nerd... I just found out that our farmers market is now selling grass-fed beef. Which means no hormones, antibiotics, animals byproducts, etc. I figure the "cleaner" the beef is the better it will be to put into my body. I nearly did a dance when I heard this! Especially when I found out that the farmer providing the beef happens to be a friend of my family's.

I ran out to get some right away. I threw my first block into my crockpot, yesterday, to make chili. It was super yummy!


Sjogrens Style said...

That looks delicious! Do you have a recipe you can share?

Blogger Mama said...


1 jar of spaghetti sauce
1 small can of tomato paste
1 large can of kidney beans
1 packet of McCormick chili seasoning
1lb ground beef

Put first four ingredients into your crockpot and mix. (If you put a crockpot liner in first it saves on the cleanup afterwards.)

Put ground beef in. I usually put it in frozen and cover it with the rest of the ingredients, making sure to break it up in the afternoon. And cook it on low all day. Usually from about 8-5 which is enough time to cook the ground beef.

It's a pretty simple recipe and would be easy to tweak in any way you thought would suit your preferences.

Sjogrens Style said...

Sounds great! Thanks!