Sunday, March 3, 2013

My New Dress

My new eShatki dress came last week. And I am in LOVE with it! And I say that because I do love it, not because they asked me to write about them. :o) Honest!

I liked the deep green color. I have nothing else in my closet this color. I found the dress to be made very well, the seams look great. And I am thrilled with how I look in the dress. I can easily see myself wearing this dress in many different ways. I think my favorite will be pairing it with my brown riding boots.

The only problem I found was that the dress ran a little on the small side for me, having ordered a traditional size and not used the customization. But I like my clothes a littler looser, so this may not be a problem for someone else.

All around I found the website to be very well organized and fun to use. I loved looking at all the vintage inspired clothes. The wait time for my dress went pretty fast considering that they customized it to my choices with the sleeves and length. The dress is amazing and I will definitely want to buy from them again!


Anita Stafford said...

Very pretty, I like the color too, I would wear it!

Sjogrens Style said...

That color is GORGEOUS with your skin tone, and what a pretty neckline! I don't think it looks tight, but I know that sometimes that's a matter of comfort. It's very flattering on you!

Blogger Mama said...

Thank you both! :o)

Sjogrens Style, it's more tight in the back. It's most likely because I have a larger bust size than some would. But that can be fix with a cardi. :o)

annie said...

Perfect color for St. Patrick's Day. I,also, like to wear looser clothing that makes me feel more comfortable.

Blogger Mama said...

Very true Annie! I had some kiddos, at work, tell me that today. So I guess I'll be wearing the dress again in two weeks!