Tuesday, April 23, 2013


There is a contest going on over at Reasonably Well. Julia wants her uber creative readers to come up with a logo that could instantly be recognized as having to do with Sjogren's syndrome.

The rules...
  1. Email your image, drawing, concept of an image, sketch, or model that you think universally represents sjoggies everywhere. Use of a word or alphabet letters will disqualify your entry.
  2. You may submit as many entries as you like.
  3. You may email your submissions to: juliaschulia(at)gmail(dot)com.
  4. All submissions must be received by April 29th, 2013, midnight. 
  5. Judging panel includes: John, Terese, Greg, and D#1. 
  6. If judging panel is unable to make decision, Julia -- will cast the deciding vote. 
  7. Finalists will be notified via a post on Reasonably Well and their mailing addresses will be requested. 
  8. Winner will be announced by May 13th, 2013.
You can read more about it here. Or here, in the updated blog post.

I got down to business attempting to take this task on. And I found that I just couldn't follow the rules! Arg! I had a design busting through all the other ideas, rumbling around in my brain, and it just wouldn't stop until I got it down on paper. It turned out that I loved it SO much that I didn't have it in me to create anything else. So I came up with a fantastic design, just not one I could actually add to the contest.

Here's my "logo" with an "S" "J" and "S" in it. (The initials for Sjogren's Syndrome) Naughty, naughty me!

So start thinking of a logo and for heaven's sake.... Follow the rules!! 

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Julia Oleinik said...

Kirsten!!! This is terrific! Let's just pretend that the S is a wavy line!! Submit it please! You talented thing, you!