Thursday, April 18, 2013

How You Deal

I recently read an article looking at the positives of parenthood rather than focusing on the negatives of being a parent. So for instance, instead of being upset about the fact that your baby is waking you up many times a night you might choose to be glad for the fact that you are now able to prove that you could go through sleep deprivation torture and come out of it without having spilled one single ingredient in your mother in law's recipe for her Super Secret Pecan Pie. Ha ha! Okay, that's a silly idea ( and absolutely true God bless you new moms out there!) but an example none the less.

This got me thinking about my life and how it's soooo easy to focus on the negative. Well for anyone one, really, about anything. So this was a good reminder to me that I need to be focusing more on the positive things in my life. So what if I can't run around tomorrow with my girly at the playground. Negative, now watch this! That just means I get extra snuggles on the couch while she reads me a book of hers. Turned into a positive there! See how I did that? Not so easy to do when a person is buried by negative things but this is an important thing to one's mental and emotional health.

Having a positive way of looking at things can make all the difference in how you deal.


AutoimmuneGal said...

Great post! Completely agree that a positive outlook is so important to help with the rollercoaster of autoimmune disease. I find that it's not always easy to find that silver lining, but trying to definitely makes getting through the rough patches easier.

Blogger Mama said...

Thanks AI Gal! :o)

Sometimes it's an absolute beast to try and have a positive outlook in regards to health issues. :oP