Monday, April 22, 2013

L'isms to Make You Smile

It's time for another round of L'isms.  I've save some dramatic and comical statements for this one. There are also some really funny conversations to read.

This first one was said by me. I'll be filing it as #132 on the list of things I never thought I'd say to my child.... "Throwing your underwear at your father and then sticking a magnifying glass to your butt is not an appropriate response to that!"

Things L has said lately...

" You are the meanest mommy ever. Like, you will die and generations later you will still be the meanest mommy in the history of the world!!!!"   Guess she was serious about that one!

"You are so MEAN! Mean to the left, mean to the right. Mean, mean, mean, mean. Mean all night!!!"   I sense a theme here. Ha!

"Mama, you are beautiful because you understand me."    OK, so this one's not so funny, but I loved it anyway.

"Yep, your daughter is a weirdo. You need to respect that!"

"Mama, will you put your... your... your wolverine in the oven to warm it up?"  She meant my 'cream puff'.

Convos with L...

L: I'm a tom tom boy!
Me: Why a 'tom tom' boy?
L: 'Cause I'm, tommer than most tom boys. Tommer than you ever been!

Me: We're having chili for dinner.
L: I don't want it.
Me: Then don't eat.
L: But the commercial says to not let your child starve!! (She was talking about the "Feed the starving children commercial" that has been running lately.)

Me: The door is locked.
L: Fine, I'll get a screwdriver.
Me: This girlfriend needs some privacy!
L: Uh, that doesn't work for adults Mama!

L: That's the science lab [sitting outside of our school].
Me: Cool.
L: If you do the chocolate lab then you get to eat it then.  If you do the peanutbutter lab you get to eat it after you experiment with it. I sure hope my teacher doesn't pick the bug lab.
Me: Why?
L: 'Cause I sure don't want to eat the bugs!!

News Reporter: ...some day cares are teaching kids not to share...
Me: What do you think about that?
L: Yeah, that's not a good idea.
Me: Why not?
L: 'Cause then when you are a grown up the husband won't know that he needs to share the remote control with his wife!! And then she'll get stuck watching sports all the time!

Me: Singing.... "That girl is on fire..."
L: Really what's am I getting for lunch?
Me: What are you talking about?!
L: You were singing.... "That girl is a buyer...." Right?

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phyllis said...

very cute , and good you are writing these down for L to see when she is a mommy herself someday, girl will she laugh!!!