Tuesday, April 9, 2013


My husband works for a local hospital. One of the negatives of this is that our insurance (through his work) requires us to buy our medications, all of them, at the hospital's pharmacy. One of the positives is that we get all of our medications through their pharmacy. Which means that we don't have to pay the mark ups that the every day Joe Schmo has to pay at a general pharmacy.

For instance, when I would get birthcontrol at a "namebrand" pharmacy it would roughly cost about $30.00 for a one month supply. Now if I get birthcontrol at the hospital's pharmacy it would roughly cost about $8.00 for a three month supply. Yes, I wrote that correctly. Which means that buying it from the hospital's pharmacy would save us $328 a year on birthcontrol alone!

That, my friend, is a HUGE savings!!! On just one medication. I am currently on eight medicines. I have never actually worked it out but I am guessing that I am saving well over a thousand dollars a year thanks to buying the medications from the hospital's pharmacy.

Thank goodness for that!!

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