Saturday, April 27, 2013


I had a problem. My entire island counter, in my kitchen, was covered in papers. Covered, I tell you! Recipes, menus, bus notes, paperwork to mail, and post-its galore all littered the counter top. I needed to do something about it!

I also needed. Yes, NEEDED! To use an old drawer that my
parents had found for me a long time ago. They found it for me to use as a place to house my thimble collection. At some point my husband bought me an actual thimble cabinet and this little lovely went into our basement until I could find another use for it. (Because let's face it, I can't stand throwing away something if I can reuse it. It's my obsession hobby!)

So, I took this gem that was hidden in my basement and turned it into a "catch all" organizer of sorts, with little nails and clips that I had laying around the house. OK, well not literally laying around the house of course!

You can't see where a lot of the nails are in this picture as I don't have clips on them yet, but I'm pretty thrilled with it!

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