Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bad Humor

My husband and I were laying in bed the other evening discussing this nice little informative allergy chart for the Northeast. (No, I have no idea why we were doing this in bed and not an hour before while sitting on our couch.) I found it hanging on the wall in my allergist's office and decided I needed to take a picture with my phone to be able to whip it out whenever I should have a need to know what allergies are in season. Ok, so you can laugh at that statement! But when your allergies can get as bad as mine can, it pays to know what's coming next!

The conversation  my husband and I had went something like this...

"Yay, honey! There are no allergies in the month of July!!"

"Yeah, but by then you're dealing with the heat and the sun which causes you to feel sun sick if you are out too long. Which means you'll really only have a short period of time in the entire summer that you will be completely comfortable with all of your health issues."

"Huh? When is that?"

"June 25th."

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