Sunday, May 12, 2013


Motherhood is the toughest job. Ladies tell you that while they sit around watching you rub your eight month pregnant belly. And in the bliss of that moment you just smile and nod because all you can think about is a sweet smelling little baby to snuggle in a pile of blankets in your arms. You don't think about...

The middle of the night feedings that turn into your baby thinking it's social hour.

The massive blow out diapers that have you wiping poop out of wrinkles you didn't even know your baby had. That makes onesies so gosh-awful dirty that you just throw them out rather than try to wash them.

Soccer games that find you sitting outside while the sky furiously spits wet rain and snow at you. Which turns out to be okay because you really can't feel your body anymore anyway, despite the layers of clothing and outwear you have on.

Hours and hours and hours of worry. Worry about your child's health, if you're actually doing a good job (could you be possibly messing up your kid), will they make friends at school, or did you make the right choice for the family.

The stress about getting their birthday party perfect. There's cupcakes, and party favors, clean the house, buy gifts, wait Becky didn't rsvp yet, should we do a cake instead, we need napkins that match the theme, pink or yellow balloons, and now it turns out your kiddos best friend can't come to the party after all. Ahh!

Late night creativity. Whether it be the batch of cookies that your child promised you would bake for the class, or the outfit she was supposed to wear for "career day" at school that she didn't mention to you until six o'clock the night before.

Well you get the point! Mothers. We're nurses, shauffers, dieticians, coaches, art directors, teachers, bakers, and cheerleaders.

For all the things that make motherhood so hard they are all paid back in...

Hugs that melt your heart.

Smoochy, sloppery, ice cream kisses while you sit on the front porch watching the ice cream man drive away.

That pure unadulterated look of love that you get in the midst of the fantastic fun you are having together.

The "Thanks Mama, you are the best!" as they run out the door to play.

The sweet little boasty comments you overhear your kiddo saying to her friends at her birthday party about how much they think you can do.

Looks of joy when you actually pull off the late-minute creativity.

Thousands of hours of plays, games, artwork shows, musical performances. Pride. You get to have when you look at the stunning little piece of your heart that is walking outside your body and turning into such an amazing little person.

The first list makes my life with chronic illness so much harder. But the second list is what makes everything. EVERYTHING. Worth it. :o)

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