Friday, May 17, 2013

Pet Peeve

 It's not the greatest picture, however, it's good enough that it can accurately show you how many pills I take in the morning. Just the morning. I have plenty of other medicines I take at other times of the day. (And I am fortunate because I know people who take twice as much as this in one sitting.) I've gotten used to taking the meds, it's just a fact of my life. I grab a glass of water, swallow the pills in one gulp, and move on with my day.

 The hard part for me is remem-bering when to take what medicines and spacing them out so I'm not taking them all in one sitting. So I've had to start labeling the lids of my bottles so I remember when I take them and how many times a day. I have gotten to the point now that I can look into a section of pills and know by instinct that those are the right pills to take, for say Thursday morning, which makes things easier.

With so many medicines to take it becomes a MAJOR pet peeve to me when the pharmacy decides to switch up my medicine brand.  So, instead of giving me Plaquenil from one pharmaceutical company they give me Plaquenil from a different company. Which could end up making the pills look completely different. I had that happen the other day. The Singulair pills in the picture are the same medicine, just two completely different colors and sizes. This will throw me off for weeks now until I get used to the new ones. With next week being the worst because I will have half of my Singulair being the old stuff and half being the new stuff all in the same week. Grr.

Sounds trivial I know! I guess this just gets filed under the incredibly simple things that make life easier for a chronically ill person that would usually be taken for granted by a "healthy" person?


Charla said...

Not long ago my pharmacy changed the manufacturing source of one of my drugs. The new drug in combination with my other drugs threw me into deep, deep depression. When I realized what had happened I talked to the pharmacy about going back to the original drug. They said "not possible." So I took all of my prescriptions to a different pharmacy, which included going back to the original manufacturing source of the problem drug. So far, so good. However, I'm on high alert to any changes.

Blogger Mama said...

Good catch! Unfortunately, if I would have a bad reaction there's not much I can do about it as I am not "allowed" to switch pharmacies because of my insurance. :oS

Charla said...

I'm lucky to have the insurance we have but now that my husband is retired it costs us "an arm and a leg!"