Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Recently, I have read sooo many social media headlines that say something like, "At the gym, pushed myself further than I thought I could..."

As I sat there viewing pictures of friends at the gym or family taking part in some run or another I realized that I could post the same headline.

"My girly wanted to go on one more ride at Hershey Park. So I pushed myself a little harder."

"I wanted to finish cutting up the veggies that I got from my CSA so I pushed myself a little bit farther so I could put it all away before I started dinner."

"It was sooo hot out but we wanted to spend five more minutes in the pool so I pushed myself  to stay outside just a little bit longer."

Mmmm... Not so much the same thing, but it's what I have to be happy with. :o)

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