Thursday, May 2, 2013


I saw this posted on Facebook this morning. While I agree that some health concerns can be "fixed" with diet, exercise, and supplements I find this appallingly arrogant of this person to think that it fixes everything.

Does this person really think me lazy because I am on so many medications? Do they not realize if simple exercise, healthy food, and chiropractic care was all I needed to fix my health problems then I would be well on my way to being cured? I already have two out of the three down, so that means all I need to do is get myself some chiropractic care and I will be good to go! Right?

OK, I'm done with my rant. Now, back to your regularly schedule programming. :o)


Anonymous said...

This mindset is so frustrating and discriminatory. I would do ANYTHING to feel "normal" again and enjoy life's simple pleasures when, where, and how I want. I have tried meds, diet, exercise, etc and only a combination of treatments makes it possible to get out of bed most days.

Blogger Mama said...

Yes, I agree. A combination has been what seems to help me the most as well.

I feel that the thought is very narrow minded.