Thursday, June 13, 2013

Busy Baby Resting Mommy Summer List

I sat down and came up with a list of things we'll be doing this summer, in three different categories, to stay busy and I thought I would share them with you...


Park passport (Write down all the local parks and stamp them off as we visit them)
Take Opa slushies
Go to local lake
Go to lunch with Nana
Bowling (Free bowling programs across the US
Hershey Park
Regal Movies ($1 movies at participating theaters playing kids movies)
Hershey Farmers Market (Thursday afternoon)
State museum
Clean up litter
Walk the trail
Bike/Scooter the trails
Bass pro summer camps
Panning for rocks


Bleach t-shirts
Corn painting (with corn cobs)
Color Wheel Painting
Fly Swatter Painting
Crayon Melting on a warm plate
Painting on toys
Cross stitch
Chalk on sidewalk and parking spot
Coloring pages-printed


Write summer journal
Dig in the dirt
Shaving Cream and beans
Egg Shell Exploration
Ocean Sensory Bin (With gravel, fake fish, etc.)
Baked Cotton Balls
Pretend cooking with real ingredients
Treasure ice cubes (freeze toys inside ice cubes)
Toilet paper roll trail (unravel tp and follow through house)
Cooked Spaghetti sensory
Guess that smell game
Popcorn sensory bucket
Rootbeer/Coke float
Make pretzels
Fondu dinner
Making cupcakes with cupcake maker


Julia Oleinik said...

Sounds like fun! Can I come too??

Blogger Mama said...

Ha ha! Sure, if you somehow find your way to PA then, the more the merrier!