Monday, June 17, 2013

Funny... Not!

A funny conversation between my husband and I following a smart comment he made to me...

Me: Jokingly I said... "I would hit you but I can't physically do that right now."
T: Throwing his hands up in the air... "I'm right here."
Me: Laughingly I said..."Thanks for the sympathy Hun."
T: Whispered to the dog... "Halle, go lick Mommy now. She can't move her arm!"


Anonymous said...

LOL! When I'm too sore to move, I threaten my husband that our ferocious (VERY OLD Golden retriever) will not allow him to harass me and she might attack :)

sidenote: he is an awesome husband and the most ferocious thing my Golden does is hold the carpet down all day.

Gotta love them :)

Blogger Mama said...

Ha ha ha! We just have to have a good laugh about it somedays. Otherwise we'd be letting the disease win.