Monday, June 10, 2013

Long Summer

It's going to be a long summer.

I've been having a rough time with my Sjogren's recently. No matter how much I am on my feet, during the day, I end up swollen by the evening. Swollen stiff knees, toes, and hands. The joints of my pointer finger get so inflamed, red, and hot that I can't even bend it by the time I go to sleep. Every morning I wake up, a riot of pain running through me. My muscles and joints cause me discomfort until my Aleve kicks in, sometimes. Sometimes, the Aleve kicks in. And scattered around all of this my fatigue plays peek a boo through out my day. Some days the fatigue will never show up. The next day I could be flying through my day and suddenly get hit with a wall of fatigue that has no forseable way to get through it.

I am guessing I am working my way a flare right now. Ordinarily a flare can run anywhere from annoying to downright landing me flat on my back on the couch. I'm an all day couch mama those days. Added to this flare is the fact that it's now summer vacation.

"School's out for the summer...."

Yeah, okay, forget about Alice Cooper.

Any....way..... I now have a six year old thrown into my flare. Wait! Sorry, I'm being reminded that she is now six years and eleven months old. So, I now have a six years and eleven months old child playing amidst the craziness of my Sjogren's.

Que Flight of the Bumblebee... and.... now....

My girly is a perfect human replica of a hummingbird. She's bright flashy beauty that flits from thing to thing in constant motion. I somehow have to find a way to stimulate and challenge her mind, help her get out her love of running and climbing and all around normal kid behavior for physical activity, and somehow manage to get us out of the house several times a week, while working around my flaring mess of a body.

"It's going to be a long hot summer...." Yeah I just quoted Keith Urban too.

Okay, enough of this craziness! I'm off to peruse Pinterest to come up with some ideas for summer. I am contemplating making a Pinterest page for Sjoggie StAHMer for all my fellow chronically ill moms who will be trying to entertain their kiddos all summer long. I am also thinking I need to start coming up with some more Busy Baby Resting Mommy blog posts for my own household and then report the ideas to you!

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