Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Rainy Days and Mondays

 The forecast was calling for rain all day yesterday. And at eight o'clock my girly was already asking what we were doing for the day. So I decided to wrap her up in a poncho, shove her in her rain boots, I grabbed my golf-umbrella and headed for our favorite walking trail right by our house.

We had so much fun walking in, for the first time, in the rain. We
had so much time that when I looked at my watch, at the car when we were leaving, I realized that we had spent almost an hour and a half just splashing around in the rain on the boardwalks, watching the birds frolic in the puddles, and exploring how the rain drops looks on different leaves and trees.

Now that is some high quality fun.... for free! Well, almost, I'm on the couch tonight. But it was well worth it!!

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