Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Shhhh! I have a secret that I am about to share with you.

The secret to me taking an active part in my whirlwind day with my little hummingbird and then barely having the energy to drag myself into bed at the end of the evening managing my day....

Ready for it?

You sure? Because this is so simple it's stupid. Okay...

"Quiet Time". Quiet. Time. My favorite two words in the middle of my day. I know, I know! That sounds terrible! However, when your sassy lovely six year old has the attention span of a puppy and you are working on a tank of gas half full at the start of the day, you learn to how appreciate the simple things.

Assuming we aren't out wandering somewhere we just know that when we're at home we have quiet time. What does that mean in our house? It means L gets sent to her room from one-ish til three-ish. (There's a little give and take with the times depending on what crafts or baking we might be in the middle of.) Yes, two hours every day. Oh, don't feel sorry for her. The girl has toys my six year old self wouldn't have even dreamed of stashed in every nook and cranny of that room of hers. And me? I crash. Literally, crash on my bed. I read if I am good energy-wise. On the low energy days or the days that my arthritis is giving me serious issues, I nap, with a monitor on to listen into her "quiet time" antics. Grant it, I don't nap for very long before L is prancing into my room with her second outfit change of the day consisting of three ill fitting shirts layered on top of one another newest outfit design on or her "splendidly drawn" picture. But even twenty minutes is good.

And that helps me sooooo much to re-energize for whatever comes our way in the afternoon and evening.

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