Friday, June 14, 2013

Sjogren's Flair

Flair: is a natural talent or distinctive and stylish elegance.

Flare: to blaze with a sudden burst of flame (often followed by the word up)

I'd like to use the first version of the word "flair" from now on instead of using the second "flare" version I have been using. It feels more positive to me. Because let's be honest we Sjoggies don't just do illnesses in a "normal" way. We do it with a "natural talent and with a distinctive stylish elegance". :o)

He he he he


AutoimmuneGal said...

What a cute post. The word flair is much preferred. We can get through our flares with flair as well ;).

Blogger Mama said...

Well thank you!

And that is exactly what I was thinking!. :o)