Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Visit with Dr. A

I had my check-up, with my rheumatologist Dr. A, this afternoon. We've added small joint arthritis and neuropathic pain involvements with my Sjogren's Syndrome.

My doctor took nine vials of blood today. Baby girl held my hand and crooned to me the whole time she voraciously watched the nurse taking the aforementioned blood. In addition to checking my ANA counts, and several other things, Dr. A is also testing me for Rheumatoid arthritis.

I had two more additional medicines added on to my daily list today. One for the arthritis and a separate one for the neuropathic pain. That brings my total to ten medications, thirteen doses, with a possibility of taking sixteen doses in a days time. If that makes sense?

After doing some research on the new drugs. Which I shouldn't do. I know this. I always end up freaking myself out! So, despite knowing what I do, I looked up possible side effects. One of the medications brings with it a possibility for stomach ulcers. (Especially since this I am on two antibiotics on a daily basis.) And under the list of possible side effects for the other drug are dizzyness, possible memory loss, and alerations in moods and personality. (Another words, there's a chance I may develop suicidal thoughts or tendancies.) Yikes!  I will have to see if these medications work well enough for me to overlook the possible side effects!

So, all in all the visit wasn't the greatest appointment I've had. But.... it could have been sooo much worse!


AutoimmuneGal said...

Sounds like we have lots of symptoms in common. If it helps, I've tried a a few drugs for neuropathic issues and I was able to figure out within the first 2-4 weeks if I could tolerate them. I am very sensitive to medicine so finding the right drug was a process. But it was important for me to trust myself to know when it was time to move to the next medicine.

I was very interested to hear about your small joint arthritis. I've had joint swelling mostly in the small joints of my toes and was retested for rheumatoid as well. Did your doctor give you any more insight as to what he/she thinks might be going on beyond either RA or disease activity from Sjogren's?

Blogger Mama said...

Oh, that's good to know that the neuropathic medicines work fairly quickly. I like that! I don't like the fact that I will be going on two new meds at the same time, which will make deciphering side effects harder. But they are going to be taken at two different times of the day which should help.

My small joint pain is located in my pointer finger on my right hand. :o( Which makes it REALLY hard to open jars, juice packs, etc. My doc hasn't really talked about anything beyond the RA testing or the possibility that it's just Sjogren's arthritis. I think she wanted to wait for the test results and give me time on this new medication first before exploring other diagnosis.