Wednesday, July 3, 2013


We took doggy girl #2 to get her summer hair cut. She normally looks like this. Apparently, Barre has a blast and loved up on the groomers, like only she can do.

While Barre was away doggy girl #1 decided to snuggle up close. I think there may have been a tiny part of Halle that was upset that her sister was gone. But just a tiny part, and she wouldn't admit it if you offered a whole bag of bones.

And this is Barre after her hair cut. It makes it soooo much easier for us to keep up with the vacuuming during the summer. Less allergy problems for me!


Luciana Ariel said...

Your woofers are adorable!

Blogger Mama said...

Thank you! We think so too! (Most of the time. lol)