Thursday, July 11, 2013


We had a zillion zucchini to use up from our CSA the past two weeks. So I decided to dice it up, with my trusty mandolin slicer, all at once and freeze the stuff I didn't use. We ended up with ten (guestimated) one cup bags all together. And my hand didn't even hurt when I was done!! (It did, however, hurt after I bone-headly bonked my arthritic knuckles on the corner of the cabinet five minutes later!)

We also had leftover icing from a sleepover
jamboree, for L's birthday party, that needed to be used. So I went looking for something to make with leftover icing and zucchini. What I came up with? Zucchini Whoopie Pies!

We mixed up a batch, after I sliced up the zucchini, and baked it up. I don't know why, but for some reason I expected the whoopie pies to be fairly tricky, but it was surprisingly easy to make.
Then I let L slather those things up with icing and smush them down.

We ended up with about twenty of them. I wasn't really expecting them to be great. Again, I'm not sure why as I like zucchini bread. Let me tell you people, these things are AMAAAAA-ZING!!! SO good! Ugh. I am going to hear them whispering to me, from the kitchen, until they are gone.

"Eaaaa- aaaaaa- ttttttt me. Eat Me. EAT ME!"

Yummers! Seriously!

If you want to take a stab at making your own Zucchini Woopie Pies you can find the recipe here at Bakeaholic Mama.


LM said...

Oh my....yummmmmy!
I was going to make zucchini bread, today. However, you may have changed my mind :)

Blogger Mama said...

They are worth it!! :o) There's one in my kitchen that want me to eat him for lunch! lol