Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First Day of School

Our first day of school went well. I think L is well on her way to a reciprocal love affair with her teacher. Which I would like to proudly stand up and scream, "I told you so!", at my daughter. Because I knew, KNEW, she would love her! But, hmmm, that doesn't seem to be the best example for my daughter, soooo.... I'll forgo that for now.

I was pleasantly surprised with my energy levels today, though I was completely done by the time I was finished making dinner. Shew! Stick a fork in me, I was done!

I know in the future (winter time most likely) I will have to worry about energy levels more. I walk a fine line between showing my co-workers that I am hurting (and worry that I look like I am making things seems worse than they are) or not letting anyone see how badly I am hurting (and worry about people thinking that there's nothing wrong with me despite my saying there is something wrong). Fortunately, for now, I don't anticipate this problem popping up.

For now, I am just feeling blessed that I am able to work at least a little bit. And, my girly. I ALWAYS feel blessed with my girly. Especially since she's had a simply amazing first day of school, despite all her worries she had leading up to it. :o)

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