Sunday, August 18, 2013

Medical ID Bracelet?

Do Sjogren's patients need medical id bracelets?  This was a question posted on one of my Sjogren's Syndrome support groups.

I had not previously put much thought into this. I really only ever linked the thought of id bracelets to diseases like asthma, diabetes, allergies, or for geriatric needs. The more I thought about this, though, the more relevant I think this subject might be for me. Especially now that I am on an extra two medicines. That brings my medicine total to ten medicines. Ten! That's a lot of possibility for drug interactions in, and of, themselves. Throw in some emergency care at a hospital that doesn't have my information and that just spells complications! Yikes!

There always seems to be a stigma out there that medical id bracelets are clunky or plain. And I have found that not to be the case as I casually checked out websites who specialize in them.

I may have to put more thought into this issue and let you know what I decide. In the meantime here are some really cute medical id bracelets and links to where I found them...

Like this one from Sticky Jewelry. Cute!

Or this one from Lauren's Hope.

Here's another from Lauren's Hope. I am in love with it!

I also think this one is cute. ID For a Cure also donates a part of their proceeds to chairities and research facilities who support people with various medical conditions.

**Disclaimer** I was not paid to promote any of these websites. I honestly, am just blogging about them because they make some great options for people who don't want to be stuck with a plain id bracelet. All the pictures belong to the websites.


Anonymous said...

Interessing post. I love the first one. I think it could be a god idea when you're travelling. Sometimes it.s not easy to explain in a foreign language, so if it's written somewhere it's a great help.

Christine said...

I also have thought about this issue, especially for travel and because I have a blood clotting disorder. Thanks for the links!

Blogger Mama said...

Sure! I particularly like the Lauren's Hope site, but I am a little disappointed by the prices.

Grace Trainer said...

Just wanted to share with you the medical ID which I think is perfect for people on many medications, like myself. I use the cool "squid" ID from MY ID Square. It has a colorful barcode and a unique website address that connects to ALL my medical info. When my info changes, I just have to make the change in my online medical record. Unlike other medical IDs, I don't need to get a new one engraved as my condition and dosages change. Their ids are great looking and I love showing people how it works. Check them out

Blogger Mama said...

The problem, I have found, is finding one that is afordable.