Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Problem Solved

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I've had a particular problem, all summer, and had no idea how to solve it. Suntan lotion. Ugh! The bane of my existence in the summer! My girly and I can't use spray lotion because it sets off our asthma. And I have had an extremely hard time using tradition suntan lotion cream. I cannot squeeze the cream out of the tube because of my lovely new arthritis in my pointer finger knuckles.

That is a pretty complex problem when you throw a squirmy, overly-helpful-and-gets-suntan-lotion-everywhere, seven year old!

As you've probably guessed my problem has finally been solved!

We went to Hershey Park yesterday and my friend K pulled out some lotion that I hadn't seen before. I just about swooned I was so happy!

Ladies and gentleman, Coppertone brand now has a foam lotion! Foam! What a perfect solution for us!!! All I have to do is press the button and out comes the foam lotion!

It's fairly easy to use as well. I found that it goes farther than you think it will when you squirt it on your hand. The only draw back is that it feels a little bit more oily than normal once you are lathered up with the lotion. Like an oiled watermelon contest. But that is definitely not enough of a drawback to prevent me from using it, for sure.

I was so excited about this new lotion that I ran out and bought two bottles the next day! True story.

And, no, I was not paid for this blog post in any way. I am just one arthritically challenged mom wanting to pass this info along to others. Here is a link to the lotion in case you would want more info.

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