Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What To Do On Migraine Day

I woke up with a migraine the other day. Not. Fun. Ugh. And the worst part was that the weather was AMAZ-ING! But I got over my "spilt milk" and moved on to other things. After realizing I was going to be "Spectacular Couch Mama"  until I got enough caffeine in me to hopefully win against Evil Migraine Guy (or so I thought of it in my head), ahem, until I got rid of the migraine I decided I needed a game plan.

L has been nicely asking me (Okay she has, point-blank, been bugging the bejezuz out of me!) to do some cross stitching. If I was going to be stuck on the couch with a migraine, while simultaneously having a good arthritis day, you better believe I would use it to my advantage. (Or, I figured that out after longingly squinting out the window at the lovely day God had blessed us with.) And so I went with it!

We both got comfy on the couch, got down with our bad selves to some country music, while we stitched away. It was a pretty peaceful morning.

Now, the afternoon, that was a whole different story, because L decided to be her own little version of Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde. Good thing Evil Migraine Guy was gone by then!

I'm still considering that day a Sjoggie parenting win!! Lemons and lemonade. All I'm saying.

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