Sunday, September 8, 2013


When my husband and I bought our house, we were four months out from having a newborn, and knew that we'd be going down to one income. Because this mama was staying home with her girly! Anyway, I digress...

We didn't really have too much money to spend so we spent what we could on various mismatched pieces of furniture and were thrilled to have them.

Fast forward a few years and a thousand memories later, and we're in the present, where my husband and I can now afford to get pieces of furniture that we love. And, here's the shocker.... pieces that actually match each other! This is a big deal! (We also, coincidentally found a store that I LOVE that sells furniture quite affordably.)

We are now the proud owners of a match bench, entertainment center, and hutch that match. Yay! We didn't get them all at the same time, but have been saving and gotten them one by one.

So, we've spent the last few nights going through our dvd's, cd's, and books, preparing to move them or get rid of them if we haven't used/listening/watched them in a long time.

And now we have a finished piece of furniture all pretty and organized. That makes me happy. :o)

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