Thursday, September 5, 2013

Next Do-It-Yourself Idea

It's that time of year!! I get the crafting bug around the same time my girly goes back to school every year. Probably because I know I can get crafts done without having to field too many "What are you doing" questions. Having an empty house also means I am not diving for half finished pieces of crafts that my daughter has just been dying to inspect more closely and has finally given into picking up.

It's also the time of year that we start to expect a little crispness to creep into the air. Or, well, the time of year I start to look forward to the crispness in the air. You never know when that will happen in Pennsylvania. One of the running jokes about PA would be that you have to plan your kiddos Halloween costume around them simply wearing it by itself or attempting to fit it over a winter coat and or snow suit!

Any...way. I think my first crafting adventure will be these...
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Don't the leg warmers look super comfy?! I think they will accomplish two things in one. Firstly, they will look super cute and trendy with my boots. And they will be a great extra layer of clothing for those winter days when I am wearing two pairs of socks in my Ugg boots because I just can't seem to get warm.

And the best part is that I can achieve this look with a $5 sweater from the local Salvation Amry store. Just a little snippity snip of the sleeves and I'm done! I like it!

To see a full tutorial on it head over to Thrift Parsonage Living and check it out here.

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