Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Retail Therapy

I needed a little bit of retail therapy recently...

So I went to one of my favorite places to spend some of my time and money, The Olde Factory, our local antique/craft factory.

I was looking for something to hang up something decorative in my kitchen and a wooden crate to hang up in my bathroom. And I found something that would work for both purposes. Now, I just have to decide which I want to use it for! Ha ha ha I guess there are worse problems to have, right?

 If I hang it in my bathroom I would place it like this on the wall, to store my toilet paper in.
 If I hang it in my kitchen I would likely use it the long way and put some trinkets it in.
 Either way, I love the way it looks. And it's extra special with the local towns printed on the side of it.
And I like the metal nailed onto the corners of the box.

I can't wait to figure out how I'll use it!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Beautiful Day

We couldn't help but take advantage of the weather one weekend. It was amazingly beautiful!

Monday, October 28, 2013

My Life With L

While at the store tonight my daughter decided to lay down in our grocery cart and cover herself with my hubbster's hoody. She did such a good job that she even tucked it under her so that her feet and head were covered and then laid perfectly still. 
I walked around the store like this, without even thinking what it might look like. A giant green lump in the middle of a cart is common place right? (Yeah, not so much here in PA either.) 
A lady came up beside me and out of nowhere L twitched. The lady saw this out of the corner of her eye and was instantly fascinated with my cart, while trying to make it look as if she wasn't watching the big green blob in it. I observed her watching out of the corner of her eye with a look of morbid curiosity and horror on her face.
Suddenly L popped her head out and scared the lady within an inch of her life. The poor woman swung her head up to look at me and I smiled at her with a feeling of sympathy. After all she's not aware of my girly's adorable quirky-ness. 
When she noticed me watching this all play out we both burst into giggles, with our husbands bemusedly watching us, in the middle of the cheese isle!
I think I will remember this, and laugh at the memory, for quite awhile!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Little Beggar

My doggy girl # 2 hovered around me while I was in the kitchen chopping up those tomatoes the other day. She circled me like a shark the entire time! It could have been the smell of corn on the cob being blanched as well!

So silly!!

Friday, October 25, 2013


I finally had my picture printed this past week for my old window frame. I ordered a 16 x 20 photo poster on Walmart's picture site for $12.95.

I liked that price!

And I LOVE how this looks!

Now, it feels like I am looking out at one of my favorite places on earth all the time. It makes me happy. :o)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Tomato Sauce

Apparently, I have a new found ability to grow tomato plants!  I managed to not kill three that my father gave me at the beginning of the summer. And when I say managed not to kill them I really mean, I buried them and then forgot all about them except for occasionally winding the plant in and out of my deck railing. I didn't even water them! (Which tends to be a tricky part for me. I either end up forgetting to water them or water them waaay too much!)

And now I find myself with an overabundance of little Roma tomatoes. So I decided to make spaghetti sauce with them.

I sliced them up, diced up some fresh basil, that I found in my CSA box earlier in the week, and threw in some various herbs and ingredients and put it in my crockpot. I couldn't share the recipe with you if I wanted to!

It left the house smelling great!

After the tomatoes were soft enough I put them in my blender
with a can of tomato paste, to thicken it all up.

This is what I ended up with.... It tastes as good as it looks!!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


This was the view out my front window this morning. Amazing! And this picture doesn't even do it justice really. The whole tree looked like it was on fire with the sun shining through the yellow leaves.

I had to share this with you this morning!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Penn State

My hubbster and I took our girly up to Penn State this past weekend. He went there, for college, and so we wanted to share it all with L for the first time.

Our very first stop was The Creamery. A famous place to get ice cream. The ice cream is made, on campus, by the university students. It is AMAZING, and you absolutely can tell a difference with the freshness factor. I don't usually eat that much ice cream in one sitting but there is only one size offered. It's so good that I didn't have a problem polishing it off. I love the half-crazed look on L's face. That was start of her sugar rush that she had going for a good part of the afternoon.

As we all left the campus, with quite a few souvenirs, L declared that she was planning on going to Penn State some day in the future. That would be something like 2024? Loooong way off! However, after days like today I wonder if she'll make it to that point! Or maybe I'll just end up in a nice padded room somewhere. "Ha ha ha! They're coming to take me away!"

Sunday, October 20, 2013


This picture makes it look as if it was snowing here in Pennsylvania this morning. It's almost a beautiful serene picture with all the fall colors. Nope, it wasn't snowing. The white dots, that looks like snow flakes, are actually little white bugs all over my windshield and the hood of my SUV. Little. White. Bugs. From the tree! Kinda makes me wonder how many ended up in the pile of leaves I have in my front yard. And that thought makes me cringe. Especially when I think about my girly jumping in those leaves.

Ha ha I'll leave you with that fantastic mental picture today!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ideal Solution

My girly came home with a retractable back scratcher. I found a great use for it for those days I just can't stand to use my arthritic hands too much.

I think my doggy girl likes this idea too!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I'm back! I know you've missed me!!

Things have calmed down a bit so we've gotten to a point that I feel like I can start blogging again. :o) So I'll be starting back up tomorrow.