Monday, October 28, 2013

My Life With L

While at the store tonight my daughter decided to lay down in our grocery cart and cover herself with my hubbster's hoody. She did such a good job that she even tucked it under her so that her feet and head were covered and then laid perfectly still. 
I walked around the store like this, without even thinking what it might look like. A giant green lump in the middle of a cart is common place right? (Yeah, not so much here in PA either.) 
A lady came up beside me and out of nowhere L twitched. The lady saw this out of the corner of her eye and was instantly fascinated with my cart, while trying to make it look as if she wasn't watching the big green blob in it. I observed her watching out of the corner of her eye with a look of morbid curiosity and horror on her face.
Suddenly L popped her head out and scared the lady within an inch of her life. The poor woman swung her head up to look at me and I smiled at her with a feeling of sympathy. After all she's not aware of my girly's adorable quirky-ness. 
When she noticed me watching this all play out we both burst into giggles, with our husbands bemusedly watching us, in the middle of the cheese isle!
I think I will remember this, and laugh at the memory, for quite awhile!

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