Monday, October 21, 2013

Penn State

My hubbster and I took our girly up to Penn State this past weekend. He went there, for college, and so we wanted to share it all with L for the first time.

Our very first stop was The Creamery. A famous place to get ice cream. The ice cream is made, on campus, by the university students. It is AMAZING, and you absolutely can tell a difference with the freshness factor. I don't usually eat that much ice cream in one sitting but there is only one size offered. It's so good that I didn't have a problem polishing it off. I love the half-crazed look on L's face. That was start of her sugar rush that she had going for a good part of the afternoon.

As we all left the campus, with quite a few souvenirs, L declared that she was planning on going to Penn State some day in the future. That would be something like 2024? Loooong way off! However, after days like today I wonder if she'll make it to that point! Or maybe I'll just end up in a nice padded room somewhere. "Ha ha ha! They're coming to take me away!"

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