Thursday, October 24, 2013

Tomato Sauce

Apparently, I have a new found ability to grow tomato plants!  I managed to not kill three that my father gave me at the beginning of the summer. And when I say managed not to kill them I really mean, I buried them and then forgot all about them except for occasionally winding the plant in and out of my deck railing. I didn't even water them! (Which tends to be a tricky part for me. I either end up forgetting to water them or water them waaay too much!)

And now I find myself with an overabundance of little Roma tomatoes. So I decided to make spaghetti sauce with them.

I sliced them up, diced up some fresh basil, that I found in my CSA box earlier in the week, and threw in some various herbs and ingredients and put it in my crockpot. I couldn't share the recipe with you if I wanted to!

It left the house smelling great!

After the tomatoes were soft enough I put them in my blender
with a can of tomato paste, to thicken it all up.

This is what I ended up with.... It tastes as good as it looks!!

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