Friday, November 29, 2013

A Convo

The other night as the little wanna-be-tyrant tried to endlessly stall, I hit my patience quota for the day, and bedtime quickly degraded into this conversation...

L: Your casserole tastes like poopy.
Me: That's not nice! You don't say that to a person.
L: Okay. But it really does taste like poopy.
Me, ashamedly, stooping to her level: You taste like poopy.
L: Gasp! That. Is not very nice at all!
Me: Exactly. Neither is someone telling a person that something they made tastes like poopy.
L: Yes, but I have feelings. There are no feelings attached to that casserole.
Me: Very true, but it's still not nice to tell someone their casserole tastes like poopy. If you are going to insult my casserole you should at least do so eloquently.
L: What does that mean?
Me: Um, use better adjectives.
L: Again. What does that mean?
Me: Use fancier words!!!
L: Fine! Your casserole was disgusting!!!!

OMGoodness!!! I was VERY thankful for chocolate after my sassy girly was finally in bed!!! And for my ability to see the humor in this convo after the fact.Oh my goodness!!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


We got a new bed, finally! Prior to this we have had our mattress and boxspring on the floor. Which sounds absolutely horrible! However, it was wonderful for me as it made it much easier for me to get in and out of my bed due to my arthritis. We saved up, and found a beautiful platform bed, and bought it so I can still be close to the floor.

Hmm... This picture makes me sleepy. Maybe I can sneak in a much need nap before work. These new hours, thanks to the time change, are killing me!!

Monday, November 25, 2013


I was looking through old pictures last night and came across the picture on the left. Wow, what a journey! Looking at these two pictures together gives me some fantastic incentive!

Saturday, November 23, 2013


My hubbster took me away to a b&b for the weekend and left our little at home with the grandparents. I found these adorable pine cones in a country store nearby.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Disney Villan Nails

 I got a new sparkly nail polish today. As soon as L got off the bus she just HAD to paint her nails as well.
 Once she saw me taking a picture to share with all of you she insisted I take pictures with her nail polish job as well.
I have to say that I am in love with this nail polish. It does look like it but the base coat is a deep purple with blueish purple flecks of glitter in the top layer. My girly and I have decided that it looks like I have Disney Villan's nails now. What do you think Ursula or Maleficent?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Something Beautiful

I just had to share this with you because it was something beautiful in my day...

Monday, November 18, 2013

New solution?

I had a visit with my rheumatologist last week. It was an appointment filled with mixed feelings. One of the new things that she would like me to try is to not use Ambian every night.

Before I started taking Ambian I felt as if I never got a solid night's sleep. I never had too much difficulty going to sleep but I couldn't stay asleep to save my life. I tossed and turned all night long. I never felt like I got much restful sleep at all. I was always tired and felt my energy levels going steadily downwards.

Fast forward to current day and my rheumy has decided that I should try to not use the Ambian all the time. Instead I should double up on my Gabapentin, at bedtime, and see if that could help me at night time instead. I did this Saturday night and was less than impressed with it. Taking two of the pills leaves me feeling as if I have the flu. Which, isn't such a big deal since I go to sleep then. It did make me sleepy but I woke up all night long tossing and turning. The next morning I woke up feeling exhausted, slightly dizzy, and a little tipsy. I felt like I had one too many glasses of wine. This sensation stayed with me til about noon. It was pretty hard for me to go to church like that so I just can't see actually working, on a weekday, while feeling like that.

I am not at all certain that this will be my new solution to helping me sleep. Though, I am willing to try it again.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Guessing Game

Can you guess what we watched the other night? If you guessed "Charlie Brown" you would be right! This little artist made me smile because of her skill this afternoon.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Brain fog

Pounding head. Blinding light. Shaking all over.

Brain fog. I'm a teddy bear. Someone is trying to fill my head with cotton. They shove in cotton. And more cotton. Uncaring. More cotton. My head aches from it all and yet it gets stuffed with more cotton.

I can't think any longer. It's like walking through quick sand. It runs over my feet. I struggle. The harder I try to walk the slower I become. It's trapped my legs. Still I try. I am no longer able to move. I am unable to form thoughts.

I just consign myself to my fate until the brain fog slowly dissipates.

Motherhood. A simple word, but hard to act out in the grips of migraine and brain fog. My husband. Her Daddy, must pick up the reigns and do the work of both of us. Heartbreaking. Thank God for the free moments. The moments I am free of my symptoms. When I can be the mom and wife I am. That is me. The brain fog is not. That only lasts for moments compared to everything else. Because I have the last say. And it has no power here.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


This past weekend it was in the high 50's. It was a fairly nice weekend. Today it's in the low 40's. The high of 52 was at midnight. The low is expected to be in the 20's. Yesterday we had some snow.

My body is killing me!!! And I am freezing. My body can't seem to get warm no matter what I do. Which causes my arthritis to flare up. Which makes me hurt, hurt, hurt.

Okay this ends my pity party for the day. :o)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Corny Situation

Too cute not to share. :oB

Sunday, November 10, 2013

30 Days of Thankfulness 1-

I've decided to take part in the 30 Days of Thankfulness on my personal facebook page. I may add it to my SjoggieStAHMer facebook page as well. I want to do this because I feel like so much of our lives, as chronically ill can be spent thinking and obsessing over the negative things in our lives. And I'd like to think about the positive for a change. So, periodically, I think I'll add a post about my 30 Days of Thankfullness headlines.

My first few days were...

#1 I am thankful for an amazing opportunity to teach my girly that there's more to life than the "Me attitude", by having so much fun mentoring our Milton Hershey girls.

#2 I am thankful that a simple piece of cardboard and some toys (that she hasn't played with in forever) will keep my girly's imagination going for hours! :o)

#3 I am NOT thankful for the time change. However, I am thankful for my crock pot which allowed me more time and energy to deal with my cranky little girl! lol

#4 I am thankful for laughter. Something so simple can change your mood in a moment. :o) I delight in my daughter's quirky sense of humor which makes me laugh every single day. And I am even thankful for laughter when my husband and daughter know how to make me laugh, when I am mad, so they are no longer in trouble.

#5 Since it's my brother's birthday, I will say that I am thankful for him. Quirky and always marching to his own beat. I am thankful that he is building a relationship with my girly even though he lives all the way in Florida. I love that we can video chat with him.  

#6 I am thankful for caffeine and chocolate, which appears to be the only thing that helps me "go to my happy place", some days, while raising a strong willed child. :o) 

#7 In case it wasn't obvious yesterday. lol I am thankful for the great teachers Lorelei had/has. :o)

#8 I am thankful for such amazing parents, both mine and Tim's. They are there, for us, at a moments notice. We are very lucky that they live so close and that we have such great relationships with them. And Lorelei is incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to make so many great memories with both sets of grandparents.

#9 I am thankful that I have learned (through the last year) that living healthy is much better than being skinny! Because a skinny person can still be unhealthy, and what the scale says doesn't determine how much muscle tone you have. We've learned the value of cooking without most of the boxes of sides and preservatives. Also, not cutting foods out of my life completely, but choosing healthier foods after an indulgence. While I'm obviously not at the lowest weight I have ever been in my adult life I am at my healthiest (not including my health issues lol) and that makes me happy. :o)  

Friday, November 8, 2013

A Little Surprise

I came down, on Saturday morning, to find out that L had laid this all out for me as a special surprise. :o) I often do special little things for her "just because". So I love that she has started to do this for others. It makes my heart happy.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


My poor girly had an accident at school last week. Apparently, she was swinging on the monkey bars and Tarzan-ed herself right into the bar with her lip. I, secretly, think that the bar won this round. The accident brought on lots of  "awws" and snuggles. And her lip is almost completely back to normal now. :o)

Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween Fun

I'm not very chatty today so I thought I'd share some pictures of our Halloween fun from last week...

My girly just simply HAD to be a pink power ranger or she was sure that she was going to burst into flames. Or suddenly dye an agonizing death from the deep disappointment of it. Her words. Not mine! My dramatically eloquent seven year old.
The fireman and police officers went through our neighborhood handing out candy. The kids were drawn to the flashing lights and delighted that there were handfuls of candy being giving out.
After leaf raking, there is leaf throwing. Always. Fact.
Pumpking carving was fun this year. I would love to share the picture I took of my girly pulling the pumpkin guts out but it showed a little too much so I thought I'd share the one of her shirtless, with her apron, and her jeans sagging off her hiney. Adorable!
Our Nittany Lion pumpkin glowing in the dark. I think I did a pretty good job on it.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Dum Dum Duh Dum.... Dum Dum Duh Dum....

When I transferred all my books, cd's, and dvd's to my new hutch I decided to look through my wedding album. Wow. I honestly don't even remember that day. I had someone tell me that the only
way I would remember the day was through pictures because looking back on the day would be one big blur to me in the years to come. While I don't remember who told me that I would say
that they were absolutely right about it. I am so so glad that I had my photographer and our many family members take so many pictures of the day!! Because it IS indeed one big blur.

And, wow, were we babies!!!

I've a few of my fave wedding pictures from that day as well. :o)

Friday, November 1, 2013


Photo Credit
 I had a bizarre dream that I was married to the prince of England and we needed to have a debut picture taken of us and our newborn child. That in itself is completely plausible in my thinking. Ha ha
What I found completely odd is that I was highly irritated because, despite the fact that I kept telling them that I was from Pennsylvania, they continued to insist that I wear a shirt that looked like the flag of Texas. Ha ha ha!
Why are my dreams so weird?!?