Sunday, December 29, 2013

From the Window

Before Christmas we had a pretty good amount of snow fall. It wasn't the eight inches or over they were calling for originally. We did get about five or six inches though. There was enough snow to need shoveled and more than enough for L to play in as well. I bundled her up and sent her out with her Daddy. She wanted me to come out too. And I wanted to go out and play. It just wasn't possible for me to do it that day. It was waaay too cold for my body and I was in too much pain to do anything more than stand there.

So instead of sit around sulking because I couldn't do what I wanted (which was be outside interacting with everyone) I found a way to do what I wanted and still stay inside comfortably sitting on the couch so I didn't spend the little bit if energy I had left.

And that right there more or less sums up a lot of parenting with Sjogren's Syndrome.

A.) Stating what I want to do with my girly.

B.) Evaluating what I feel like that day, or sometimes that hour, since my body can be so fickle with Sjogren's.

C.) Thinking about what I can do depending on how I am feeling.

D.) Figuring out a way for me to do what I want with what I can do and working with it.

In my case this day, I knew that going outside wasn't an option. So I sat inside the house, on my couch, with the window open. Yes, I know crazy! And I probably looked like a crazy person too!
But it worked out perfectly for us all. I got to interact with my girly and take pictures of her playing in the snow while I stayed warm and used almost no energy. Even the L's dolls got in on the act!

All in all I say that was a "win" for everybody.

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