Wednesday, December 11, 2013


So I have been attempting to not use my Ambian every night. Sometimes I think it's okay. And other mornings I wake up knowing that I'll be going back to sleep as soon as I've gotten my girly on the bus. I have been alternating Ambian some nights. And the other nights I have been taking a combination of Gabapenten and Benadryl (which makes me sleepy but doesn't keep me asleep through the night).

I have to plan out what nights I take the medications. Often when I have taken the G&B combination I wake up the next morning and feel very groggy and almost feeling a little tipsy. Not a great feeling. And definitely not a way I should be feeling if I have errands to run or doctors appointments to go to. Driving in general.

I am still not 100% sure how this new "routine" is going well or not. I am left feeling constantly tired and my bone-deep fatigue is showing up more regularly now. Even after the nights that I have taken my Ambian. I feel like it's because my body isn't getting "consistent" nights of sleep in a row anymore. Add this feeling to the winter blues and arthritis pain that I get mid winter and I am just not really sure if the new routine will work. Makes me nervous. Though, I suppose, there's nothing to do but continue to try this. Maybe it will just take me a few months to settle into this new rhythm.

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