Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Simple Solution

I have been actively trying to loose weight for about a year now through diet changes and exercise. I have been slowly loosing the weight. Over the summer I noticed quite a bit of weight came off, but my rings still fit me perfectly. I have now figured out that it was due to the swelling that my hands have all summer long, thanks to the heat. Now that my hands are no longer swelling, most of the time, I have noticed that my rings have been all but falling off my fingers at times. And yet, there are still times that I deal with swelling in my knuckles.

I found the perfect solution in the pet store! Yeppers! It's so simple I thought I would share. Airline tubing, for fish tanks! Simply cut a piece off, cut it up the middle, and slip it over your ring. It works fantastically if you ever have a need to adjust your rings, due to weight loss, but not alter them permanently if you deal with joint swelling.

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