Friday, January 3, 2014

Groceries Games

Grocery Shopping. I hate it! Sometimes it makes me downright cranky! Especially on my bad Sjogren's days when I am attempting to push my heavy cart, with its wonky wheel, around the fifth person who has stopped in the middle... MIDDLE... of the isle. It can be a serious drain on my energy. Not to mention it aggravates to heck out of my arthritis on bad days.

I am hoping that I have come up with a helpful solution for this! Our local chain of stores has come out with an online shopping service. And it's free of charge, which makes it even better!

I can simply go shopping from the comfort of my couch. Which makes me sound like a horrible couch potato, when I hear myself saying it. But there are just some days that I have barely enough energy to get my girly ready for school, get myself ready, and then actually work, before I come home and collapse. Seriously, some of the people in my every day life have no idea that my kid and work are all that I can manage on my bad days.

Anyway, I can take all the time I want to go shopping online for my groceries. Then I pick a scheduled date and time and then I have an hour window in which to pick up the groceries.

It has the potential to have a very helpful impact on my health. The ability to waste less energy on grocery shopping (to save it for my family or work) would be wonderful! And hurting less on bad arthritis days would be an added bonus as well.

I'll be sure to add another post once I've gotten my groceries to let you know how smoothly it worked for me. :o)

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