Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Grocery Games Results

So we placed our grocery order online to go pick up, a few days ago, and waited to see how it would go.

My awesome hubbster decided to go pick up our groceries for us this morning. We had it scheduled for a certain time period, within an hours time limit. Fortunately, he decided to check online before going to get the groceries and noticed that there were a few items that were out of stock that they just weren't going to give us. So he went into the store to pick up a similar item before going to pick up the rest of the groceries.

My husband simply had to pull up in a designated area, give his name, and the grocery clerk did everything else. Five minutes after he had pulled up he was already leaving with a trunk full of groceries, that had been loaded by the store clerk.

My overall thoughts on all of this... It seems be rather inconveniant and negates the whole point of the grocery pick up if you still have to go in for items that they won't substitute for you. But, as my husband reminded me, it's far easier to run in for four items than it is for fifty items. Which, is absolutely true. My only other complaint was that I am not completely happy with some of the produce they gave me. I tend to be a little picky so I felt like the apples looked a little rough, the bananas looked like they had been in the freezer previous to being placed into my bag (they were still half frozen), and my bag of salad looks to be close to to the end of it's life. But those are all things that I can live with for the convenience of grocery shopping online and simply picking things up without having to aggravate my arthritis. So I will definitely be taking advantage of this system again!!

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