Friday, January 17, 2014

Stop Motion Animation

I was planning on making our Christmas vacation "education free" and just couldn't seem to make it happen. My girly and I watched the California Raisin Claymation Christmas, on Youtube, on our first day of Christmas vacation. She was curious about how they made the special so we watched a few "how to" videos. Which lead to us watching videos on stop motion animation. Well fell down a rabbit hole and ended up having an impromptu educational morning.

My girly is only seven. Seven. But she doesn't seem to know that. Especially when she asks me if she can make her own stop motion animation movie. Who am I to no? I only had the fact that I knew nothing about making them to stop me. And I really didn't have that excuse as there were plenty of "how to" videos on Youtube to watch.

So this is what came of our morning in front of Youtube and our afternoon with L's Lego friends and a camera!

(You'll have to excuse the cheesy acting, I was following my girly's script! Ha ha)


Anonymous said...

So cute...I'm glad you are able to do these things with your daughter, you'll both remember them your entire lives. Ever thought of doing one for other holidays? Valentine's Day will be here soon.

Blogger Mama said...

That's a good idea! I see more of these in our future for sure. :o)