Sunday, January 19, 2014


I've written about my Christmas village in late November of last year. Wait a minute... Yep. Yeah, "Last year", still sounds weird to me!

Anyway, for years I have been setting up our Christmas village and keeping two of our little porcelain
houses in the box because they were left unpainted. From probably, back when I was in high school. Which means they've been lonely and unseen, in that Christmas box, for over fifteen years. Yikes! I'm seriously not that much of a procrastinator. See I have figured out my fix for procrastination is to do whatever it is, I am putting off, right away. And since those little Christmas houses were sitting in the box for over fifteen years I was already past the procrastination rule. Or that's what I kept telling myself year after year for not pulling them out and painting them.

This year L and I decided to set up our village in a different
location than we usually do. We thought we could fit it all onto one shelf of our book hutch. We were right but it looked more like Christmas threw up on itself than the adorbs festive little town we were going for. So we decided next year that we are going to set up our village on two shelves. Which, of course, means we need to grow our Christmas village. Well those two sad little houses just started screaming at my guilty conscience in a bad way.

And so I painted them. They turned out wonderfully. I can't wait til I can set them up with next years village. But... While I am thrilled that I've finally finished them, my knuckle is really not. REALLY. Not. Aleve is my best friend.

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